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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

We are one of the best quality Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers. The Automatic Voltage Stabilizers increase the life and improve the performance of electrical appliances. These stabilizers protect the electronics against fluctuating power supply. These systems provide consistent power supply with accuracy of /-9%. These stabilizers are automatic in their operation and produce a stabilized power supply then and there when it detects a fluctuation. In these automatic voltage stabilizers, there are automatic voltage stabilizers to show output. In addition to all this, we have also developed a Two Phase Stabilizer for rural voltage requirements.

We are Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers. Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is a tool which is employed to sense inappropriate voltage levels and proper them to provide a reasonably stable output at the output where the load is connected. The facility line fluctuations and cut-offs cause damages to electrical appliances connected to the road . It’s more serious within the case of domestic appliances like Fridge and TV . The high/low voltage protection circuit with time delay presented here could even be a coffee cost and reliable circuit for shielding such equipment’s from damages.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in India

Get Best Quality Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in India. Whenever the facility line is switched thereon gets connected to the appliance only after a delay of a troublesome and fast time. If the facility down time (time that the voltage is beyond limits) could also be a smaller amount than the delay time, the facility resumes after the delay: If it's equal or more, then the facility resumes directly. This is often designed around readily available semi-conductor devices like standard bipolar medium power NPN transistor (BC547), an 8-pin type 741 op-amp IC and DPDT relay. Its salient feature is that no relay hunting is used. This flinch is usually found within the proctors available within the market. The whole circuit is consisting of various stages. Let’s now inspect the step-by-step design details.

♦ Integrated with automatic voltage stabilizers.
♦ Consistent power supply with accuracy of /-2% Available with AM-meter.
♦ Options available as Automatic Voltage Stabilizers with or without switch.
♦ Time delay relay modes.
♦ Models available with MCB for over load protection
♦ Low & high voltage trip for Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, T.V., Deep Freezer and Stereo System

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in India