Furnace Transformer Manufacturers

Furnace Transformer Manufacturers

Balaji Power Automation is a leading Furnace Transformer Manufacturers. Our company has gained name and fame in presenting Furnace Transformer.The transformers will be suitable for outdoor installation with three phase, 50Hz, 11 kV system in which the neutral is effectively earthed and theyshould be suitable for service with fluctuations in supply voltage up to plus 12.5% to minus 12.5%. Furnace Transformer Manufacturers

Furnace Transformer has coil constructed from heavy copper tubing. It’s designed and tuned to the inverter circuit which applies a MF (generally 500 Hz or 1000 Hz) voltage to the coil. The magnetic flux produced by the coil induces eddy currents within the charge and heats it. MF is important to reinforce the speed of warmth generation.

Furnace Transformer Manufacturers in India

Balaji Power Automation is a pioner Furnace Transformer Manufacturers Here the we can used Transformers for transforming available three phase A.C. voltage to required voltage for converter circuit of the Induction Furnace are mentioned as Induction Furnace Transformers. Thus they're essentially Rectifier/ Converter Duty Transformers. These become the first (or line side) voltage of the transformer. Secondary (or cell side) voltage are often between 400 to 1000 V decided by the specified D.C. output Voltage.

These transformers must be designed to resist the high levels of electrical, thermal and mechanical stress to which they're subject during utilization.

The furnace transformer thus has special features to handle such high currents as compared to standard transformers. The electrical arc furnace has 3 electrodes connected to the secondary terminals of the furnace transformers. Hence the furnace transformer must be specially designed to face up to the frequent short circuits.

Phase                                         Three Phase
Power Source                        Electric
Voltage                                     11- 33 kV
Material                                   Mild Steel
Frequency                               50Hz

Furnace Transformer Manufacturers in India