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We are one of the best quality Special Purpose Transformers Manufacturers. We are a most trusted name in between the topmost companies in this business, instrumental in presenting Special Purpose Transformers. The offered Special Purpose Transformers is known for its hassle free performance. The offered Special Purpose Transformers are extensively used to adapt a 1000 VA load rated at 120 Volts to a 240.
Range : Up to 5 MVA, Voltage class up to 33KV.

Transformers are required wherever there's a requirement to rework voltage from one level to a different. As within the electrical industry and various other industries, there are many machines, motors, relays, etc. that needs special voltage ratings to perform as needed. So, a transformer becomes indispensable, because it is required to vary the available voltage value to the one which is required.

Special Purpose Transformers Manufacturers in India

Get Best Quality Special Purpose Transformers Manufacturers in India. A special purpose transformer is termed as a transformer, which is specifically built to supply the specified voltage or current need. These sort of transformers aren't readily available ex-stock and are built only on specific requirements by the customer. A special purpose transformer are often of high-voltage low-current type or low-voltage high-current type, depending upon the intended use. The capacity, in terms of KVA or MVA, again are often a good range, depending upon the customer’s requirement.

Tailor-made and designed to face up to the harshest conditions provide power for industrial applications, during which electricity itself may be a major resource.

These special purpose transformers have sort of applications in several industries, viz. In short, wherever there's a special need of specific voltage or current values, special purpose transformers are widely used.

♦ Designed and built to precise client requirements.
♦ Technical advice on equipment selection is offered before finalising the order.
♦ Robust design suitable for use in all sort environments for example in steel mills, chemical industries, etc.

Special Purpose Transformers Manufacturers in India